Solving Lenovo P770 / P780 low internal memory problem

Posted on January 3, 2014

Lenovo P770 and P780 are excellent mid range Andriod phone with exceptional long battery life. I love this phone, however, if your Andriod phone come with 4GB internal memory and running on the Andriod 4.x, you will face the same trouble as I am after using it for months:

“Unable to install! insufficient internal storage warning!”

And, I need to keep on removing some “not urgent but necessary” apps, and reinstall the apps when needed. Yes, I have live with it for many months until I found a LOW Risk solution. I still need to have this phone “rooted”, but with a very “effective and safe” manner. I don’t flash, nor change the Rom, I just try to get more Apps install on the external SD card as on my old HTC Andriod 2.x phone.

Kindly reminded “rooting” the phone will void the warranty (if you need detail explaination about root the andriod smartphone, please google to read more). As you might notice in many website showing you the method to root your cellphone, there will be a disclaimer as below:

  • NOTE1: understand that I cannot keep no warranty or responsibility on a result of your effort. Please consider your abilities as following operations can easily brick your device. Also, for some dealers of mobile phones, modification like those bellow results in loss of your warranty.
  • NOTE2: this guide, all the modifications are created by community, to community. Please be noted that non of those shall be used for commercial purposes. Also I will not provide any support to those who wants to use stuff bellow anyhow for commercial purposes.
  • NOTE3: please note that I am not a pro-programmer, developer, geek. I am a bit advanced user who shares its result to community. All the stuff is provided as-is.

You can also find above disclaimer and more technical information at Xda-developers, HERE.

The method I am using is different from what have been provided in xda-developers. I am using the Framaroot, Root Checker apps, Mini Tools Partition Wizard for Home and Link2SD apps.

To start, you need to download the

  • To root the phone: Framaroot apk (link), kindly download the suitable version.
  • To verify rooted device: Root Checker (link)
  • To create/modify partition on your SD card: Mini Tools Partition Wizard (link), there are FREE home version
  • To move the apps into SD: Link2SD (Link)apps available from Google Play Store

Step1: Download and Copy the Framaroot.apk into your SD card, install the apps (Please Enable “Unknown Source” Setting before installation)

Step2: Open Framaroot, select “Install SU”, exploit method select “Boromir” (for Lenovo)

Step3: After root success, reboot the device

Step4: Go to google play store, download “Root Checker” (joeykrim) to verify the phone is rooted. Then, shutdown the phone again, remove battery, and withdraw the microSD card for next step.

Step5: Need to prepare the microSD card ext2 partition, first of all, backup the existing microSD card into your computer.

Step6: Install Mini Tool Partition Wizard on your computer. Open the software, select the microSD card (need to be careful not to select your own computer harddrive)

Step7: Modify the partition size, this will be the first partition used by Media files, please allocate large size. I have a 16GB microSD card, and I allocate 13 GB for the media file.

Step8: For the remaining memory space, select create “new partition”, select as “primary”, file system select “ext2”, allocate all the remaining space. After confirm all the changes is correct, click apply button. Wait for the partition to be completed.

Step9: Copy the backup of the microSD card back to the origin. (You will notice the memory space is reduced now). Return the battery, turn on the phone. Check if the microSD card is mounted automatically, if not, mount SD card manually.

Step 10: Download the Link2SD apps from Google Play Store. Install the apps.

Step 11: Open Link2SD apps, you will be prompted to choose the SD card second partition, select the new partition created just now, “ext2”. It will inform you mount script created, reboot the phone again.

Step12: Open Link2sd apps, and you can now start moving the “moveable” apps on your phone to microSD ext2. Kindly reminded to select “Create Link”. (You can refer HERE for details)

Step13: Now, you can install more apps on your mobile, but please remember to move the apps to SD to free up the memory space on the device from time to time.

Now, you can enjoy a cup of Joyamaze Coffee to energize and boost your day.

Please kindly correct me if there is any mistake on the method above. This solution is updated on 4 January 2014, kindly browse for more up-to-date solutions later from xda-developer or other sources.


For Advance User that plan to repartition the internal memory, kindly follow the following article:

Install TWRP v2.6.3.0 Recovery on Lenovo P770

How to Re-Partition Internal Memory Lenovo P770

Software needed for Repartitioning Lenovo Phone Internal Memory:

TWRP 2500


MobileUncle MTK Tools (Install from Google Play Store)




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