Sklew Biotech Website is Live!

Posted on June 5, 2012


SKLEW BIOTECH was founded in year 2007 as a research powerhouse of functional food & beverages. Their major strengths are in the areas of tissue culture application, fermentation technology, equatorial & tropical herbal application, enzymes making, herbal plantation and plants extraction. In year 2010, Sklew Biotech expanded into contract manufacturing of functional food & beverages to international companies. As of today, they have more than 32 worldwide affiliates in 11 countries.

In year 2012, Sklew Biotech have 2 manufacturing plants in Malaysia, and a new 250,000 sq ft factory construction will be started in year 2013. Moreover, Sklew Biotech own 1 herbal plantation, 1 fermentation center, 1 tissue culture center and strategic partnership with 12 herbal plantations in 6 countries. Today, Sklew Biotech offer more than 130 types of products to our customers worldwide, please feel free to contact to explore the opportunity of contract manufacturing.